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Wedding Date

Today's events in the Supreme Court have me thinking. One of the core feelings and sense of loss that keep coming to my mind about not being able to be married is not the missing benefits, full inclusion or never having to find the right pronoun or explanation of my status. Yes these are important but not as important as what seems to be trivial at first thought. It is the wedding date or the lack thereof that is missed. A date that is forever stamped in one’s life by marriage.

Now that I am older, I realize that dates are very important to who we are. Dates define the watershed moments where life changed. It is hour historical tipping-point. I have my Dad's wedding ring. His wedding date is inscribed on the inside. I always wondered why. It couldn't have been an anniversary reminder for him. He would have to take it off and squint his eyes to see read it. What was the point? Today, I think I realize it was never about him remembering his anniversary. It was about the date itself. Just like a name or place, the date has meaning. Important meaning.

My partner and I have several dates for our relationship. One is our first date. One is the day I finished remodeling a second bathroom and moved into his house. And, there is a third date that I can just never seem to remember. In all, a Star Trek movie release date just doesn't substitute for wedding date. When we first met, there was no thought or hope of a wedding date. Today...hmmm...now there is a real possibility.

On this thought, maybe learning names in dates in history class does have a point – even a very personal point.

Here's a date:
Today is the tipping-point for gay rights – our rights. We can definitively say we have reached the point of no return. For the kids, it really does get better and 6/26/2013 is proof.

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