elusivem (elusivem) wrote,

It really has been 5 months?

Today is the first day I can remember in months that I did not have to be up early and rush somewhere. I just completed 147 hours at a company that grows by acquisition reminding me Renaissance Worldwide and has the same management style. Dad's house has been on the market for a three weeks although I still have some work to do on it. Looking back at LiveJournal, it appears I have several things to catch up on.  I blame Apple. I have been waiting months for the release of the new iPad mini so I can be better connected. They finally announce the mini but appears they are having manufacturing problems so they are unable to release it. The market analyst now say only one in ten will be able to purchase a new mini when it is released. Surface Pro - bigger, more weight, cost more but faster, more powerful and most importantly it is on the market - hmmm maybe.

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