elusivem (elusivem) wrote,

A Very Tough Year Later

It has been nearly a year - a very tough year for all of us especially me. Dad died two months ago after a long downhill slide. His MDS turned into full Leukemia. Treatment options ran out, and an experimental chemo approach failed killing him. He lingered in the hospital for a month during which the doctors were either incompetent or knew he was not going to recover and couldn't tell us. Dad was either unconscious or reliving some past life for the last three weeks. It was imossible to communicate and we never got to say goodbye. Dad always thought there would be one more day. We did too.

This is all on top of the passing of my best friend Jay Lake just weeks before Dad. Nope – not a good year. It is time for a life reset.
Tags: dad death mds leukemia

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