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EULA Agreement - What Constitutes Objectionable Material

I recently purchased a new smart phone. Not having one before, I have started to download applications. All applications have some sort of End User License Agreement. There was a problem with a credit card charge at a local Apple Store (a separate story in its own right) that caused me to want a mobile app from American Express for checking recent charges. During install, the EULA was displayed. Yes, I am the kind of person that reads these agreements and get great pleasure and frustration from Ridiculousness legal tar pit we created in the US. Item number 9 out of 25 in the 40 page agreement is curious - very curious. This app is for reviewing charges and making payments in relationship to my Amex card. What about item number 9?

"9. Objectionable Materials. You understand that by accessing and/or using any of the Services, you may encounter content that may be deemed offensive, indecent or objectionable, which content may or may not have be as having explicit language..."

Hmm...is this fair warning that Amex is about to use foul language and cuss at me if I am near my limit or two days late? Is Amex going to show me sordid and contemptuous statements? Maybe the number 69 may appear on a charge somewhere. There may even be a double objectionable $69.69 charge somebody quite by accident I am sure. Or maybe Amex is just concerned that we may find the fees are indecent or objectionable. Actually I like Amex and they have done a great job with their website application and have been years ahead of other card issuers for their services especially if you are a small business owner. The latest mobile app seems to keep in that tradition and is pretty good.
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